Thursday, July 11, 2013

A day in the life...Or something like that!

Where the heck do I begin with this day. This is the way things go around here, THIS is what I mean when I say "finding our happy" we have to choose to be happy on days like this, days when it could so easily go the other way!!

So we were doing messy play today with shaving cream, it got a little out of hand and a couple of children had to clean up a very large mess. What that means is that the yard is then filled with large amounts of water, mud, and liquid form shaving cream. There is nothing clean or manageable about that mess but it is the price you pay for messy play. During that madness the oldest decided to "help out" by giving the gigantic dog a bath, the next thing I know the dog is outside running through the mud/water/shaving cream mess. I ask why she is outside after she was just given a bath and my son said "I let her out, she peed all over the house!" Upon inspection of said pee, I realized she went all over the stairs and entry rug, I put two more children on the task of cleaning that up and went and wrangled the wet muddy dog into her bed.

After that mess was cleaned up and the shaving cream mess was coming to a close the oldest decided it was time to completely cover his brother in shaving cream and then of course rub it in because obviously that is what needs to happen! Seeing a need, Ashley immediately stepped in to "clean up" yet another shaving cream mess by dousing her brother in hose water and spraying him as he ran all over the yard trying to get away.

This obviously meant it was time for the youngest to get the oldest back, because that is the nature of things around here. I told him very clearly that he could get him back but he was NOT to spray his car, inside or out. Shaving cream can cause damage and I am not interested in dealing with that. So of course, he went outside to get him back and sprayed the inside of his truck.

He is now grounded and cleaning his room because again, that is the nature of things around here.  All in all, we managed to find a few laughs in the madness. If I didn't force myself to find the funny, I would probably be trying to find the vodka.

I. Am. Tired.!!